Make the most of your time with Virtually Managed.

At Virtually Managed, it’s our mission to ensure that you make the most of your days. Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a small team needing an extra pair of hands, we have the skills and expertise to manage time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture. Our team of professional virtual managers can help with administration, organization, creating processes, order management system and much more.


Virtual managers you can count on.

Our virtual managers are efficient, reliable and pay close attention to detail at all times. Once you tell us what you need us to do, we will do it to the highest possible standard as quickly as possible. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your business affairs are in safe hands.


Increase your day-to-day productivity.

We know all too well it’s the small things that weigh you down and stop you from achieving your best throughout the day. With our help, you can forget about these small things and get on with bigger, more important tasks. Our virtual managers can help with everything from email management to competitor research. We can proofread your documents, manage your calendar, respond to customer enquires, manage orders, book your appointments, and even manage your social media accounts. Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help.


Restore a work-life balance.

Remember the days you had time to spend with your friends and family? Those days you had time to read a book or watch a TV show without thinking about the million things you need to do? With Virtually Managed you can make those good old days the present again. Our virtual managers will free up hours in your day so that you can finally feel like you have your life back. In addition to helping you with tasks around the office, we can help with travel planning, flight bookings, hotel reservations and confirmations. We can even help you find things to do on your holidays and review restaurants and hotels

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    • CEO, Bella Online Media
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    • Amaka Benson
    • CEO, Micahs Meals
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    Engaging Virtually Managed has been the best business decision I made since I started Prestige Hospitality. In the short time we have been working together I have seen the business streamline in a way that I had been trying to achieve but struggling to do so. Virtually Managed takes away that responsibility and leaves me freer to conceptualise and strategise on the goals that I do want achieve and they are helping me get there. Processes and Systems are in place, clients are happier, my invoicing and ricing systems are more efficient, my staff are happier because they have a clearer idea of their responsibility and what they are supposed to do and the workload on them has been reduced, the social media accounts have been totally transformed in a succinct yet relatable manner, in short its all good with Virtually Managed, we at Prestige Hospitality are team VM for the win!!

    • Dara Makanjuola
    • CEO, Prestige Hospitality Solutions
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    VM is Reliable & Accountable. They came in handy when we were desperately in need of warehousing and inventory management.

    • Oluchi Orlandi
    • CEO, Lulu Lingerie
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    • Toun Jolaoso
    • CEO, Petit Tribe
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    Virtually Managed brings sanity to running a small business with a not so big budget in Nigeria. They deliver fantastic service and make you feel like you are running a really well structured organisation even if you are just a tiny two man shop. Very experienced and full of ideas and suggestions. Highly recommended.

    • Amaka Agbakogba
    • Club Owner, Little Tigers FC
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    "Virtually Managed has been a TIME saver! We have been able to focus on creativity whilst essential admin tasks have been handled efficiently without our having to worry. We delegate, they get it done. It's that simple"

    • Timi Bode - Ejuwunmi
    • CEO, I Do Weddings
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    Virtually Managed Ltd is a much needed service in a stress ridden Nigeria and they tick all the boxes. Tasks set are thought through and acted upon and feedback is very good.

    • Patricia Ojora
    • CEO, Promo Print Ventures
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    Virtually Managed has been a life saver for me. Having someone who I can rely on to help manage my schedule and life and support me with my non-core activities has been liberating. I truly appreciate the proactivity and profressional manner my tasks are handled. Wish I had found out about Virtually Managed earlier!

    • Michael A. Thomas
    • Country Manager, Great Place To Work