Our Mission is…


To help businesses accelerate productivity and growth through delegation.

Our Values are…


Trust . Balance . Learning
Accountability . Efficiency . Welfare

It all started with..

..me. Laolu Dare, dubbed “The Walking Yellow Pages.”  

The birth of Virtually Managed? The vision of my strengths through the eyes of another.

One day, my Aunt asked me to recruit two customer service agents for her company and right after her request she asked, “Laolu you seem to always get things done for people, you’re organised and extremely resourceful, have you ever thought of being a Virtual Manager?” I asked “A Virtual Manager?” and she said “Yes. One of those people you delegate to and they just get everything done. You should look into it, you’ll be great” and that was the literal birth of Virtually Managed. 

With a B.Sc in Business Management, an M.Sc in Human Resource Management & Organisational Analysis from Kings College London,  the love of systems, structure, and growth, I had a solid foundation to start, and I did just that. Start. 




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